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Introducing Via Provenza – A Quick Guide to a Great Area in Medellin

Via Provenza

Have you had the chance to check out one of Medellin’s coolest new areas, along Via Provenza? Located just around the corner from the iconic Parque Lleras, which acts as the heart of Poblado, Provenza offers a great mix of restaurants, bars, and nightlife that will keep you satisfied and entertained, day-after-day.

Via Provenza

Via Provenza runs east from Calle 10 along the tree lined streets of Carrera 35, located just up hill from Parque Lleras, or two blocks above Via Primavera. The heart of the street is bisected by Quebrada La Presidente, where cascading waters tumble past towering green bamboo.

Breakfast and Coffee

To start your day off you might want to grab breakfast and coffee at Como Pez en el Agua (Like a Fish in Water) where you can find Juan Valdez coffee brewed to your liking, delicious desserts like eggs benedict, and a number of sweet treats from their pastry shop. The space is bright and modern, with plenty of power outlets and seats, so it makes a great place to get a bit of work done as well.

Another excellent option is Al Alma Coffee Roasters, a small chain of coffee shops throughout Medellin. Here you will find expertly prepared coffee and some incredible breakfasts, including a delicious French toast.

Restaurants on Via Provenza

For an incredible lunch or dinner that will provide a big contrast to the typical Colombian fare, why not check out Naan, an authentic Indian restaurant. Here you can get your fill of masalas, curries, basmati rice and, of course, naan bread. Indian cuisine is relatively hard to come by here in Medellin, but this one hits the spot!

Down the road, you will find Humo, an American-style BBQ joint where you can get everything from coleslaw, chicken wings, barbecue ribs, pulled pork sandwiches and more. You’ll recognize it by the big pig they have right outside.

La Bicyclette is an upscale French inspired bistro which serves up some incredible hamburgers, steaks, and offers up a brunch. If you’re feeling decadent, you can even add truffle oil to your french fries.


Afterwards you just might want to spring for a delicious dessert? Well, look no further than The Chocolate House where you will find all manner of incredibly rich and delectable chocolates. The chocolate lava cake is absolutely out of this world.

Provenza Nightlife

In terms of nightlife there are a handful of places that featuring everything from live salsa, crossover, rock, and more. It is nice, because it is located close to Lleras, but offers a different vibe and a more relaxed atmosphere than you find in the immediate vicinity of the park. There are so many great places, but here are just a few recommendations.

Barbas Via ProvenzaBarbas (which means Beards) is a great new addition to the area. While they have a large interior space, the real draw is the spacious deck area that overlooks the street. You can find a great selection of cocktails, pub food, and a lively atmosphere.

Brew House is a small venue that serves up a huge variety of craft beers, both local brews, and imported. They’ve even got a decent selection of house brews on offer. The atmosphere is a relaxed and casual place, which seems to be lifted straight out of the Seattle or Portland beer scene (albeit with not quite as many options). If you love good beer, you’ve got to make a stop at the Brew House.

Where to Stay

In terms of where to stay, there is the Happy Buddha hostel in the center of the action, and which bills itself as the best party hostel in the city. But if you are looking for something nicer, with style and privacy, check out our offerings in Provenza and beyond.

Overall Via Provenza has a lot of incredible offerings with new places emerging regularly. It’s a place that deserves a bit of exploring, with some unique offerings than con only be found on Via Provenza.

Have you explored Provenza? What are your favorite restaurants or bars?

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