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How to Party Like a Paisa (Part 2)

Hey, we’re back and there’s lots of partying to do. Since it’s easy to get overwhelmed by options, and of course you don’t want to pay cover charges for places you’re not going to like, so be sure to read this post first, and check back for updates. In case you missed it, part one of this list is here. Read More

Tutaina Tuturuma


Calle 26 #43G-30

Unless you’ve been here before, you’ve probably not seen anything like this in your life. The place has been designed as a traditional pueblo, and is distinctly Colombian in atmosphere.

Parque Lleras



Ok, so this is NOT a nightclub, but a small park located at the center of the action. As with other writers here and on other sites about Medellin, you can spend a whole enjoyable night right here, mingling with those coming and going. Makes a great meeting place and if you like people-watching, there’s no cover and you can drink booze right here, legally. Enjoy!

Don’t stay in a hostel! See thrillingly beautiful launch pads, in and around Poblado here.

Keep This in Mind

Inside some of the clubs, you may come across prostitutes (prepagos, which means “pre-paid”). This isn’t a central part, and chances are you may not even be aware of their presence, unless you’re propositioned.

Babylon Discoteca


Carrera 41 #9-22

Previously located in Las Palmas, Babylon closed shop, only to reopen its doors across from The Art Hostel in Parque Lleras. This bar has a unique proposition to get through the doors: on Thursday it’s ladies night, and you get in free with long hair. The guys, on the other hand, must pay about a $17 cover charge, however, you’ll get a bottle of rum for that and pay nothing else till 1am. Beers are also included. Great atmosphere.

Bendito Seas

Calle 10A #38-21

Another great place to be on Thursday nights, with ladies night in full swing. $14 cover for the guys, and girls get in free. It’s all you can drink (beer, rum, or aguardiente) from 10 p.m. until 12 a.m. Get there at 10 p.m. when the doors open to ensure a table.


Carrera 36 #10-38

Come on Wednesday night to see ladies night: $11 covers for you guys, while girls get in absolutely free. Beware, the hostel across the street has attracted quite a few foreign guys to this location.


Calle 10 #40-20

Blue is a perennial favorite for gringos, given it’s one of the few discotecas that plays straight-up rock music. As a result, it also has a reputation for drawing the local gringo-hunters (paisa girls looking for a foreigner).

El Pub de Octavia

Carrera 36 #8A-110

El Pub plays a good mix of salsa, reggaeton, and rock music. More so than most in the city, this bar feels like it could be in the USA.

Envy Rooftop Bar

The Charlee Hotel

Upscale two-level rooftop bar featuring live DJs and regular pool parties. Pricier than your average bar, Envy is also one of the few places to have a stated dress code. Go here if you want to hang out with the wealthier class and rub shoulders with the occasional Colombian celebrity.

La Octava

Calle 8 #37A-49

This small budget-friendly rock bar is open 365 days a year. I’m a fan of the cheap but well-made caipirinhas and the casual atmosphere. You can also get a variety of shots, and 3 Cordilleras beers on tap.

La Ruana de Juana

Corner of Calle 10 and Carrera 42

A large, easily accessible discoteca decorated in the traditional Colombian sense, with lots of Christmas lights and random crap like tricycles hanging from the ceiling. This is another of my favorites,especially when they have the occasional 2-for-1 bottle promotion.


(Poblado) Carrera 43A #6 Sur 26

Get on down to the newest mall to open on Avenida Poblado. Here you’ll enjoy your pick of several bars and discotecas on the top floor. The vibe is similar to La Strada, which is a few minutes’ walk away.

Delaire Sky Lounge

8th Floor Enter Sixttina discoteca and take the stairs up a fight to reach this outdoor lounge, which stretches around the top edge of the building. Hang out here if you want to escape the loud music and enjoy the city views.

Kukaramakara (review from old location) 7th Floor Kukaramakara is a chain of discotecas with locations in Bogotá, Cali, and Miami, in addition to Medellín. Previously located in Barrio Colombia, Kukaramakara moved to the top foor of RIO SUR in 2011, just as the mall was being fnished. Unlike most discotecas, Kukaramakara features a live cover band, with a DJ playing crossover music before, between, and after the band’s sets.

Sixttina 7th Floor Sixttina is a new club that opened along with RIO SUR. Because it occupies the rear of the building, it’s shaped in a big semi-circle with the DJ booth toward the interior, and the bar running along the outer perimeter. Te second foor features access to Delaire Sky Lounge (at no extra cost).

Las Palmas (Poblado)

Las Palmas is the main highway that runs up from Medellín, out of the valley, and to the international airport. Along the way up the mountain, there’s a strip of large discotecas.

Dulce Jesús Mío

Carrera 38 #19-255

Huge club designed in the form of a mock Antioquia pueblo, with staf in costumes, and song and dance performances. Reserve a table and arrive by 9 p.m. to ensure seating. All-male groups are not allowed entry, so bring at least one girl.

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Other Nightlife Districts and Discotecas

La 33

(La Treinta Tres)

Located on the west side of Medellín, this is one of the largest nightlife districts in the city. Go here if you don’t want to see other foreigners.

La 70

(La Setenta)

Located at Estadio metro, La 70 boasts five blocks of bars and discotecas, mostly featuring salsa music.

La Tienda

Calle 38A Sur #43-66, Envigado

Arrive early or reserve a table to ensure seating. This is a smaller version of Dulce Jesús Mío. If you want a truly paisa party experience, go here.

Palmahia Disco Carrera 42 #85B-121 Palmahia is a large club that often hosts concerts. It’s a little out of the way, located on the main highway south of Medellín.

Tropical Cocktails

Carrera 48 #65 Sur-95 Avenida Las Vegas, Sabaneta

You would have to travel a bit to get to this one, but it’s worth the ride on a Sunday.

Salsa Bars Cien Fuegos

At the end of Calle 27, just of Carrera 43G, Barrio Colombia

Live bands from Thursday thru Saturday nights and a large wooden dance floor make this a hot spot. No cover or minimum drinks Thursday night, but Friday and Saturday you must pay a cover of at least 10,000 COP ($5).

El Tibiri

Carrera 70 and Calle 44B, Laureles

A few blocks from Estadio metro, you’re likely to see some of the cities’ best dancers in this basement sweat box. Gets extremely crowded, fast, on the weekends.


Carrera 39 #8-58, Parque Lleras, Poblado

Great place for salsa. If you’re into salsa, you’ll love Thursday nights when they’ve got two things going for them: one, there’s no cover charge, and they host live salsa bands.

Son Havana

Carrera 73 #44-56, near La 70/Estadio

One of the newest salsa hot spots in Medellín. Thursday nights are popular.

That’s it for us, but not for the many discotecas and bars in Medellin. Feel free to add in any comments or experiences and updates you may have discovered on your travels.

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