How to Eat Like a King in Medellin on a Minion’s Salary…

Medellin’s Best Restaurants Revealed

You like deals. We like deals. And we all like to eat great food. That’s the gist of why we had to amass this wonderful list of our favorite places to get grub, here in beautiful Medellin. Of course, not all these places are going to be considered inexpensive, so we’ve taken the liberty (you’re welcome) of breaking these down into three self-explanatory categories:

$ = under $10 bucks

$$ = mid-range $10–$20 bucks

$$$ = high-end $20 bills or more

Now, as with any fast-developing country, there are new restaurants opening all the time, so if we’ve missed something that absolutely should be on here, PLEASE, leave a comment at the bottom for fellow travelers.

First up, must be Colombian Cuisine… cause that’s why you’re here, right?

Ajiacos y Mondongos

Medellin Lifestyle Best Restaurants Ajiacos y Mondongos
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(Calle 8 #42-46, Poblado) $$

As mentioned elsewhere on this blog, ajiacos and mondongos are two staples of Colombian food you can’t go wrong with, right here at their namesake.


Medellin LIfestyle Best Restaurants Brasarepa
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Calle 46 Sur 42-75, Envigado $

Ever heard of Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations TV show? Yeah. He was here.

Hato Viejo

Medellin LIfestyle Best Restaurants Hato Viejo
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Carrera 47 #52-17, Centro $$

Mouth-watering regional food. Makes us hungry just writing the name.


Calle 10 #38-38, Poblado $$

If you’re feeling frisky, come here for a bowl of mondongo soup — made out of cow intestines — or if that’s not your thing, they’ve got other typical food and even international cuisine.

Revolución Mexicana

Calle 11 #43B-50 local 108, Poblado $$

Where do Colombians eat, when they don’t want Colombian food? That’s right. Mexican. Of course, your experience here might be a tad different than you expect. How? You’ll have to check it out for yourself. Not far from Parque Lleras, nor should you be!

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Medellin Lifestyle Best Restaurants Bijao
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Calle 8A #37-25, Parque Lleras, Poblado $$$

Three money signs says upscale… and that Bourdain guy ate here, when the No Reservations cameras were finally turned off. I think he actually needed a reservation to get in here. If so, don’t let that daunt you. It’s worth it.



Carrera 44 #19A-100, Ciudad del Río, Poblado $$

On a date to the modern art museum? Slide in here and get some delicious shrimp gumbo or jerk chicken. Last we checked you could expect live blues on Wednesday nights. Fun!

Café Mykonos

Carrera 38 #8A-32, Poblado $$

One of the city’s few options for traditional Greek food.


Medellin Lifestyle Best Restaurants Carmen
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Carrera 36 #10A-27, Poblado $$$

One of the top restaurants in Medellín, with the glowing TripAdvisor reviews to prove it. Carmen plates contemporary cuisine with Asian airs. A sophisticated setting, with excellent service. Entrées start around $20, but go for the five course chef’s tasting menu for about $50.

Crepes and Waffles

Medellin LIfestyle Best Restaurants Crepes & Waffles
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Carrera 36 #10-54, Poblado $$

You’ll see this Bogotá-based chain all over Medellín. Come to think of it, they’re all over Colombia, and Latin America. Great deserts, and did we mention they make crepes and waffles?

Dragon Fenix

Calle 33 #80C-16, Belén $

Excellent, Chinese-owned shop where you’ll get some decent asian fare on the cheap.

El Cielo

Carrera 40N #10A-22, Poblado $$$

This is unmistakably one of Medellín’s top restaurants, with a top tasting menu. Keep in mind these are broken up into individual “moments,” not all of which involve eating food.

An 11-moment meal (which includes one large entrée) is about $40, and the full 20-moment meal (which consists of the same amount of food by volume, but without an entrée) is under $60. You’ll also need around three hours for the 20-moment menu. Dress is casual.

Fenecia Comida Árabe

Carrera 73 #C2-41, Laureles $

Authentic Lebanese restaurant with everything from falafel to hummus, baba ghannouj and more, located in Laureles just a short walk from the UPB campus.

In Situ

Jardín Botánico $$$

Are you looking for a peaceful, romantic setting? Located inside Medellin’s botanical gardens, you’re guaranteed a quiet setting where you’ll enjoy a variety of modern and classic Colombian dishes. The menu includes tasty steaks, seafood, pastas, and salads. The dessert menu, if that’s your thing, won’t disappoint.

La Fragata

Calle 11B, Hotel Park 10, Poblado $$$

Casual lunch to romantic dinner, when you’re after seafood, this is your place. Not far from Parque Lleras.

Rincon Mexicano

Carrera 43A #27A Sur 138, Envigado $$

Large portions of high-quality Mexican food are served up in this quaint restaurant located next to Dinamo Gym in Envigado.

Royal Tai

Calle 8A #37A-05, Parque Lleras, Poblado $$

Opened by a Tai woman and her Colombian husband in 2009, you’ll get authentic Thai right here.

Sushi House Medellín

Calle 35 #80A-09, Laureles $$

Featuring a large menu of rolls, not to mention ceviches, soups, salads, and deserts. Get three rolls for the price of two every Wednesday. The restaurant is in Laureles, but they’ve also got delivery available.

Sushi Light

Santa Fe mall, Avenida Poblado, Poblado $$

Tuesday nights you’re likely to run into other fish-loving foreigners, as they have a two-for-one special every week on this night — what’s not to love?

Tapas 10

Calle 10 #36-22, Poblado $

Excellent food, wine and service at this Poblado restaurant.


Calle 9A #37-40, Poblado $$

Reports are unanimous: drink specials are great here, which is why this Parque Lleras-Adjacent spot makes the list. But just stay away from the food.


Calle 9 #43B-173, Poblado $

No meat-lovers here, as you may have guessed, it’s vegetables (and fruits) only. For a few of you who might not love the meat-heavy diet in these parts, skip over here for a lighter fare.

Hard Rock Cafe

Avenida Poblado (next to the first Starbucks), Poblado $$$

Well, the thing about this place is that every now and again, if you’ve been on the road too long, you might crave a little familiar home-styled meals. That’s what we like about this place. Expensive, but here you’ll get a rockin’ familiar time, every time.


Medellin Lifestyle Best Restaurants Hooters
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Carrera 37A #8-44, Parque Lleras, Poblado $$

Wings? Beer? Women in really small orange shorts? Check, check and check.

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Carrera 34 #7-115, Poblado $$

Let’s suppose you want really good ribs on Thursday, Friday, or a Saturday night. Go here. That’s all they have, and they’re doing great.

Philly Steaks

Calle 33 #82-7, Belén $

Despite the mis-leading name, this place has ‘em: real Philly cheesesteaks.

Your Turn

Head down to the comments and tell us your favorite eats in Medellin. There are a million places and more opening all the time!

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