Is Chapinero the Gay Area of Bogotá?

Is Chapinero the gay area of Bogotá? -

Kind of. It’s not official, but international travelers, minorities and LGBTI people have chosen Chapinero as their preferred area of choice in Bogotá.

There are gay friendly establishments in Centro, Primero de Mayo and others but Chapinero just happens to be central, more affordable, with the widest variety of entertainment, gastronomy and nightlife. Chapinero also put together the first LGBTI Community Center by ‘Colombia Diversa’ in Colombia which has fostered a culture of embracing different lifestyles.

It is not a surprise that gay tourism is a massive part of the incredible tourism growth in the capital. Bogotá is rapidly climbing the ranks to compete with Buenas Aires and Rio de Janeiro as the top gay travel destination in South America. If you are in Bogotá in July, be sure to check out one of the world’s wildest gay pride parades.

There is an incredible array of hotspots in the gay scene in Bogotá, which we will leave to the experts. As the majority of our furnished rental apartments in Bogotá are based in Chapinero (the LGBTI community is usually very good at picking the best part of a City to stay), that’s where this guide will focus.

Theatron (Club)(Ca 58#10–34) -
Theatron (Club)(Ca 58#10–34)

It is the bee’s knees of gay nightlife in Bogotá. It is 7 clubs in 1, all you can drink, and housed in an old cinema complex. Tens of thousands of fun-loving, open-minded and good-looking people pass through the doors each weekend. It is a hands down favorite amongst gay & straight a-like. There is no such thing as a dull night in Theatron.

The area nearby Theatron is fondly referred to as ‘Chapigay’. Simply walk along Carrera 9 between Calles 58 and 60 after 9:30pm to explore the tightly packed nightlife district and underwear shops.

Cafes, Bars & Clubs

El Mozo (Club) (Calle 85 #12-51) is another clubbing spot in the Zona Rosa, with a fancier vibe.

Estacion Cafe Colombia (Bar/Cafe) (Calle 62 # 7-13 / 19) This is a quiet, moody and gay friendly spot which would be perfect for a date spot & first drink.

Village Cafe (Cafe/Bar) (Carrera. 8 No. 64 – 29) Charming and quirky, this one is tucked away in a remodeled old house in a nice part of Chapinero Central.

Gia Bar (Cafe/Bar) (Calle 60 #9A-11)

Indie Cave Music Bar (Carrera 9#59–06), which packs very friendly, stylish 20-somethings into a bar the size of a king-size mattress

El Perro y la Calandria (Carrera 9 # 59–22), where locals pack two floors, drinking heavily and singing along to romantic Spanish ballads.

Bogotá Cafes, Bars & Clubs -

Saunas & Bath Houses

Babylon Baths (Calle 73 No. 14 – 32) Chapinero 400 square meters, aqua nude bar, 2 saunas, relax rooms, video rooms, steam room, security boxes free, spa, massages, waxing and relaxation.

Dagoas SPA (Calle 59 #9- 34) Chapinero

La Playa (Calle 55 # 13-66) Chapinero

El Mediterraneo (Calle 66 #10-15) Chapinero

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