The Most Underrated Day-Trip from Bogota


A visit to Guatavita, north of Bogotá

There is a small paradise (Guatavita) just 58 km north from Bogotá. A village full of legends and history with Tominé lake as it background.

The original village is now under the water, but the new village didn’t loose the mysticism of other times.

Here you can visit the “Laguna Sagrada de Guatavita”, origin of the “El Dorado” legend. The legend says that “Zipa”, the “Muisca” tribe chief throw gold objects to this lagoon as an offer to the water goddess. When the Spanish heard about this, they sack it. Some of this pieces that were recovered can be seen at Gold Museum in Bogotá.

You can also visit the indigenous and Religious museum, the “Puente de los Enamorados”, the traditional well or the indigenous cemetery in an ancient volcano. You have a lot of restaurants with typical food or squares where you can sit and enjoy the view and quiet.

Go for a horse ride or water sports. The village also has several parks for the kids to play.

One of the things to do if you visit Bogotá!!

Author: Fausto Vieira da Silva – Article originally featured on The Apartment Bogota

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