12 Great Date Ideas in Medellin

Got a hot date coming up? Lucky you! Whether it’s a long time relationship or a first date, it’s important to get out there and have fun together. Thankfully, there are about a million different places and things to do in Medellin – it’s a city with many options!

But here are just 12 date ideas to get you thinking, and to get you started in the City of Eternal Spring.

For the Nature Lover…

The Barefoot Park – Parque de los Pies Descalzo is a green space located in the center of the city where, as its name implies, visitors should take their shoes off to get in direct contact with nature. You can explore different spaces from the Zen garden, the bamboo forest, water features, or put your toes in the sand.

Parque Arvi – Hope in Medellin’s famous Metro Cable and take the extended ride up to the Parque Arvi nature reserve located high above town. Not only is it a great escape from the heat of the valley, but you can find nature trails or go horseback riding.

Botanical Garden – Another great (and free) spot to take a date is to the wonderful Botanical Gardens that lie in the Zona Norte. It’s a great respite from the busy streets of Medellin, and a place where you can sit beneath the trees and see wildlife like iguanas and birds.

For a Great View…

El Castillo – The Castle sits high in the hills above Poblado, and is a mansion from the 1930s in medieval Gothic style. Here you will find a museum where you will find paintings, sculptures and antiques. The real draw here though is the gardens surround the castle, where you have a great view of the city. Bring a picnic lunch and hangout for the day.

For the Adrenaline Lover…

Rafting the Rio Cauca – Nothing better than finding a partner while enjoying the adrenaline, that’s why we recommend you join a rafting trip on the Cauca River, which is sure to get your blood flowing.

Paragliding in San Felix – If you really want to sweep him or her off their feet, then head up to the hills overlooking Medellin, and jump off as you sail along the strong thermal currents. You’ll have to take rides separately, but it’s sure to be a unique and one of a kind date that you will both remember.

For the Nightlife Lover…

Blue – An economic and fun nightclub in Medellin’s Parque Lleras, where all the young people of the city meet. The atmosphere is pure fun and the music is mostly rock, but depending on the day of the week, you can usually find a mid of other genres and rhythms.

Salsa it Up – Cali may be the salsa capital, but it’s still plenty popular in Medellin. Son Havana and El Tibiri, located near the Laureles Neighborhood are two of the best salsa clubs in town. Or head to El Centro to visit the famous Eslabon Prendido for a change of pace.

You Can Dance if You Want to: Salsa (and Cinema) In Medellin

Kukaramakara – This popular nightclub is also known as The House of Artists because many singers and groups have used their performances here as a launch pad for their careers. If you like live music with a local flavor, this may just be the spot.

For the Museum Lover…

Parque Explora – This is a fun and interactive museum with more than 300 spaces of experimentation. You and your date will spend an entire afternoon learning and having fun, as you interact with some strange and interesting exhibits. This isn’t your normal, stuffy museum.

You Can Dance if You Want to: Salsa (and Cinema) In Medellin

The Modern Art Museum – Modern art may not be everybody’s cup of tea, but it’s sure to provoke conversations of whether or not you “could do that” and call it art. If you’re in the area of Ciudad del Rio, you can end your date at our next stop:

For the Food Lover…

Mercado del Rio – This is the place to go if you want to see some of the best of Medellin’s food scene. You can grab a bite or two at one of the many restaurants (representing many global cuisines), then if the date goes well, stick around for dessert and drinks as you lounge back in a bean bag.

Mercado del Rio - Medellin, Colombia

What Do You Think?

Where’s your favorite place to take a date in Medellin? It’s a city with many, many incredible options, sure to meet the varied tastes and interests of almost anyone.

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