Feeling at Home in Colombia: Envigado Lofts

Feeling at Home in Colombia: Envigado Lofts

You’re home now…

When you think of staying in Medellín, Colombia, your imagination hopefully conjures a scene akin to the neighborhood of Buena Mesa. Old growth coconut palms, mango trees, and exotic leafy giants shade quiet yet lively pedestrian thoroughfares.

Well-maintained terra cotta avenues amble between a diversity of contemporary and Colombian restaurants, historic edifices, and open-air markets.  Somewhere close by, parrots chirrup from atop stands of bamboo.

This is an established, robust locality, prized by it’s largely residential population as superior in terms of both lifestyle and location.

Nestled in the independent city of Envigado, Buena Mesa is only a brief 15 minute cab, bus, or Uber ride to the boisterous (read: nocturnal) and decidedly hip Poblado section of Medellín.

Feeling at Home in Colombia: Envigado Lofts
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Buena Mesa appeals to the select and savvy traveler. One seeking the genuine Colombian experience, apart from but accessible to, all the bells and whistles of the booming and contemporary tourist culture.  

It caters to the traveler less intent upon paying a premium for the fast life but rather an immersive Latin experience.  Living here is a mild, comfortable, and vibrant affair in culture.

Tucked within this verdant haven of old world sensibilities are the brand new and freshly inspired Envigado Lofts.  This chic traveller’s getaway hosts five boutique living spaces within what was once a bakery warehouse.  

Beautiful, Both Inside and Out

The interiors Envigado Lofts take influence from the ambiance of the surrounding community.  Once you’ve entered the wrought iron door downstairs, the entry flooring is set with painted mosaic tiles.  

A full size plant wall is installed in the hall.  Behind this, bright and expressive woodgrain hues are inset by the clean, linear elegance of nouveau industrial architecture.  

Indeed, the lofts maintain a sense of their original history and form, with original frames running throughout, anchoring the suites to the roots of the neighborhood.  At 650 square feet, they are a roomy abode for any occasion.

Feeling at Home in Colombia: Envigado Lofts
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This deconstructed, yet wholesome aesthetic, permeates each of the unique units within the three level floor plan.  The feeling inside is one of ‘back to basics’ – and beyond.  The five spaces acknowledge the historic framework while accommodating current lifestyle trends.  

In doing so, Envigado Lofts provides niche, comfortable living between two worlds – all for a truly unique experience.  

Be at Home

Imagine yourself a globetrotting explorer with a penchant for Scandinavian design, antique maps, leather furniture, woodgrains, and crafted copper accents.  

Imagine no more; your room is a reality.  And it’s waiting for you.

Feeling at Home in Colombia: Envigado Lofts
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Step across the threshold and the wooden floors stretch out to greet you.  Let them guide you around the luxuriously appointed kitchen, bedroom, and living spaces.  Inside, the open floor plans are spacious.  The high ceilings promote an elevated mindset.  Air conditioning is pleasantly present.  

The New York art loft aesthetic is in place.  One can expect a splashed archway of brick to announce a bedroom, plush with a heavenly mattress and a fluffy bedspread.  A full wooden headboard holds sway while dual brass vintage lamps observe a scene of calm and restful intimacy.

For those relating to their space through color, the soothing palette of cream, blues, and the occasional burst of yellow textures will prove appealing.  Deep Atlantic blues, slate, cornflower, splashings of gold and honey creams offset one another.  

The result is a harmonious visual texture, a soothing palette softening the space.  Wood, leathers, and polished metal textures all find a charming coordination amongst the designer’s personal touches.  Aside: this is her fifth installation with First American Realty.

You’ll see leather couches flecked with soft varieties of throw pillows lounging together. Brass kitchen stools attend to the antique, soft-wood dining table.  Rustic dining sets blend perfectly with the chocolate-finish cabinets set above a sparkling and gourmet kitchen.  

Leather ottomans promote sedentary comforts while vinyl records melt themselves into bowls atop distressed coffee tables.  The throw rugs appear decidedly animal.  Geometric light fixtures mingle with playful chairs.  Meanwhile, travel-inspired touches like the trunk-art fixtures and paper-mache elephants induce enchantment.

Feeling at Home in Colombia: Envigado Lofts
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Slate stone flooring is pleasantly cool underfoot in the ample bathroom.  Walk-in glass showers have plenty of space to share.  Wall-to-wall porcelain countertops frame the full vanity mirror and drawer space beneath while natural floats in from the windows.

Those bringing work with can plug into the workstation.  High-speed WiFi is ever-present and available throughout every corner of the building.  Wirelessly connect your phone or computer to the surround sound and to set a total mood throughout the living quarters, no matter the occasion.  If you’re spent, the flat screen TV will always welcome you.  All the modern amenities are represented.

Stepping Out for a Bite

Once you’ve settled into your boutique accommodation, it’s time to grab a bite to eat. Fortunately, Buena Mesa is a foodie favorite, offering a fantastic cuisine right outside the door.  

As Envigado has always been residential, the food scene has been slow to develop here, but over the past few years, it has expanded to provide a wide variety of flavors.  The restaurants that have endured are true gems.  This doesn’t mean anything here is outdated.  Rather, everything you’ll stroll to is of surpassing quality.  

Feeling at Home in Colombia: Envigado Lofts
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There are also plenty of modern dining options worth their salt.  If you’re feeling healthy – like a fillet of grilled salmon, a decadent sandwich, or an outstanding salad – Jack & Roll is right downstairs.  

Across the street is a the celebrated Black Pepper steakhouse, offering the best in Colombian black angus.  Or maybe you prefer some authentic Peruvian food from Chiclayo.  

And if you’ve got yourself a sweet tooth, Antonio’s Gelato is but twenty steps from your front door.

In Buena Mesa, the restaurants are the bars – and they offer some truly exquisite fare.  What’s more, they all close at midnight. So the nights are easygoing and peaceful.  Perfect for a romantic stroll under the constellations of park lights strung up along the charming streets.

Feeling at Home in Colombia: Envigado Lofts
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Envigado is an envious place to find oneself.  In fact, the neighborhood is so desirable that the owner of the building himself lives only a couple blocks away.  His children attend one of the various nearby schools.  

As a neighborhood completely without hotels, it accommodates a subtle and relaxing atmosphere for those in search of the slower, wholesome, and most authentic Colombian experience.  

Envigado Lofts invites the traveller who selects the genuine and quality sensory experience, rather than the typical and the overwhelming.  

In afternoons, the south-facing Envigado Lofts catch the soft amber light from the setting sun as it drifts through the curtain of trees.  These are moments of peace and relaxation, akin to feelings of the summer home at season’s end.  Fortunately, in Medellín, ‘the City of Eternal Spring’, the perfect season never ends.

Come back next week for a tour of Buena Mesa’s most exquisite culinary offerings.

Feeling at Home in Colombia: Envigado Lofts
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