Searching for the Best Beaches in Cartagena Colombia


In and around Cartagena you will find a number of world-class, incredible beaches. Most visitors stick only to the most popular beaches, like Boca Grande and El Laguito, which is also where you will find most of the hotels and the festive lifestyle that Cartagena is famous for.

If you go in months like January or July, those beaches will be packed with people and parties and you will probably have a great time, if you enjoy that type of atmosphere, although be sure to heed our warnings about safety in Cartagena.

There is a particular beach that I always particularly enjoyed, and that’s the one near the Hotel Las Americas on the far northeast side of town. Even though there are many beaches that have all of the attractions that this one has and are located a little closer to more touristy places, this one feels special, even more so than the others.

The city is growing and expanding in the direction of this area, but it still feels like an oasis in the middle of the desert, at least when you’re talking about tranquil, idyllic beaches in Cartagena.

Even though it is removed from the traditional beach hub of Cartagena, there are still plenty of amenities to make your time here comfortable. There’s a lounge or bar that they put near the beach from time to time, an excellent restaurant that is in the hotel, and the attentive drink and food service that they offer for the people that use the beach facilities.

All of this makes it a great place to pass the day. And at night you will often find parties and some activities that make it a great place to meet new people, even if you aren’t a particularly outgoing kind of person.

As I said before, there are other attractions besides the liquor and the food, like jet skis to rent, or even fly boards, windsurfing, or parasailing. The hotel does change the activities it offers from time to time, but even if the hotel isn’t offering those specific activities at the moment, there are plenty of people that have businesses around the area that can get you all set up.

A Quiet and Secluded Beach

Personally, I don’t enjoy being crowded around with so many people, at least not while I’m at the beach. I sometimes get the feeling that with so many things happening around me, that no matter what I do, I might be missing out on something cooler or better, decreasing my overall enjoyment since I can’t do it all.

For the people that like a quieter experience like me, I recommend you check out the beaches in Crespo or El Cabrero. Even in the busiest and most people packed months of the year, there will be far less people compared to the other beaches, while still being just as beautiful as the rest.

Yes, there is a downside, you are not near many big hotels or restaurants. In those beaches you have the basic chair and waiter service, but no big restaurants filled with exotic food that you can accompany with great wine, just the basic Colombian beach restaurants and the neighborhood stores. But it’s a decidedly more laid back experience.

Less people means that the beaches aren’t just quieter and more relaxing, but also far cleaner. There will always be a surfer here or there, people selling something to drink, or some random family that happens to be there at the same time with you. But the quiet space lets you enjoy the little things like reading in the sun, taking a swim, or just some down time as you enjoy the sounds of the sea.

I know that parties are a major part of the travel experience for many people but rather than the party scene present in the most popular beaches or clubs around there, I will always recommend the historic city center instead for a great evening out.

What’s your favorite beach in and around Cartagena? Sound off in the comments below.

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