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Introducing Barbosa – A Quick Getaway from Medellin


The city of Barbosa is located just forty minutes north of Medellin and sits at 4,265 feet above sea level — slightly lower than Medellin — with an average temperature of 77 degrees — slightly warmer than Medellin.

Barbosa is often overlooked, or never even noticed at all, but it makes a close and great getaway from Medellin, when you’re looking for that pueblo feel but don’t have the time to visit one of the pueblos further out in Antioquia.

Barbosa is a small town, with only around 50,000 residents, which sits at the northern edge of the Aburra Valley, surrounded by high mountains, where you will find many rivers and springs that cascade down the mountains toward the Medellin River, which bisects the town.

Thanks to the many rivers and streams that surround Barbosa, the town features a number of guest houses with spas and pools. There are also areas where you can go fishing in small ponds beside a restaurant which will cook up your freshly caught fish — one of the freshest lunches you will ever have.

One of the must do adventures near Barbosa is to head to the top of the Matasano Mountain, where you can enjoy a cup of hot chocolate in this cooler climate and then take off hang gliding or paragliding, before landing at the entrance of the city.

Barbosa is located in a mountainous area with peaks reaching over 8,000 feet, allowing adventurous and daring people to enjoy a full flight and a beautiful view, as you fly through one of the most famous year round air currents of Colombia.

On weekends Barbosa’s central park is filled with artisans who come to sell their traditional and natural products, such as typical candies, medicinal honey, ornamental plants, and decorative items.

Among locals in Medellin, Barbosa is a popular retreat for friends and family, where one can rent private properties or fincas in the middle of nature with capacity to accommodate ten to forty people for the weekend, making pleasant, private and economical group travel.

They also make for a great place for private parties within the property — because if they’re not looking to party like a Paisa in the City of Eternal Spring, they’re heading out to party in the countryside.

If you’re not looking to accommodate yourself and a few dozen of your best friends, Barbosa also has a few hotels opposite the central park and number of more remote hotels in the countryside with prices varying between $15 and $75 dollars per night — accommodating almost any budget.

Transport from Medellin to Barbosa is comfortable and easy, because you can buy tickets at any Metro station to go by bus from the last station in the north (Niquia) to Barbosa.

The bus ride is comfortable and fast because the route to Barbosa is on a highway without detours, which makes the city a quick destination for tourists and those who don’t have the time to travel outside of Medellin for long. Some people use this bus route for sightseeing, starting from Bello and traveling northward toward Barbosa.

Barbosa has trails linking the town with other small settlements or surround villages, with ample opportunity for hiking or horseback riding surrounded by nature for those who enjoy getting off the beaten path.

All-in-all, Barbosa is a great and often overlooked getaway, just a short distance from Medellin, and where everything is close, quiet and easy.

If you haven’t yet visited Barbosa, you should make a day or a weekend out of it. Be sure to check out out other favorite weekend getaways from Medellin here.

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