7 Apps to save you time & money in Bogotá

Colombian LIfestyle 7 apps you must use and download in Bogota

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Jumping head first into a Latin American capital city is a daunting task. Navigating your way around to the best places is a difficult task. Luckily Bogotá is the kind of city that provides adventure around every corner. To help you get off to a running start, here are 5 apps that will help you save time and money in the beating heart of Colombia.

1. Restorando – Restaurant Reservations & Discounts. AndroidiPhone

Discover new restaurants close to your location and make a reservation at a discount. based on the time of your arrival, you can get up to 50% off your bill. Your date may not even find out if you are discrete enough. The selection of restaurants has grown since it was launched over a year ago, and the App is super simple to use. Not a bad way to excuse the extra bottle of wine at dinner.

2. Domicilios. Multiple listing food delivery service. AndroidiPhone

Discover how long you can survive in Bogotá without leaving the netflix-numbing comfort your bed. You may surprise yourself. This app connects you to a large selection of restaurants that deliver to your address. This app is single-handedly holding restaurants accountable for sub-par service through the star rating system and it is noticeable how more companies have stepped up their game.

3. Tappsi (Taxis): AndroidiPhone.   Uber: AndroidiPhone

It is not as dangerous as you may hear to take a taxi on the street in Bogotá. It is however simpler and quicker if you order a taxi or an Uber to your address. Be sure to type the address correctly so the app can understand. If the property is on the Calle or the Carrera, type that out fully, and use the # symbol for the cross street. Not using a hash when typing the street number is the most common mistake.  So an address on Calle 1 with Carrera 2, in building number 3 would be typed: Calle 1 #2-3. Uber drivers have the best reputation, whereas Tappsi drivers will add on a few dimes here and there.

4. TransmiSitp – Bus System Planner. AndroidiPhone

If you prefer a local, budget-friendly adventure across town, and its too far to walk in flip-flops, use this app to navigate Bogotá´s extremely extensive bus system. As with any densely crowded area, put your wallet in your front pocket and keep an eye on your bags.

5. CIVICO. AndroidiPhone.

Events, restaurants, culture, banks, pharmacies, parking lots, cinemas the list goes on. They are listing 22 free things to do, the top 5 salsa bars, 10 nocturnal adventures, rating the best typical Colombian food restaurants and more. These guys are attempting to achieve the as yet unachieved. An organized, crowd-rated catalogue of every point of interest you may need in Bogotá. Similar to TripAdvisor, but locally focussed.

6. AirBnB. AndroidiPhone

Did your hotel double-book you? On the way to the airport but haven´t booked a place to stay yet? Want an accomodation experience a bit more exciting than a stock standard hotel room? Crack open this app to take a look at available places to stay in your vicinity. Use a budget & location to narrow down results and read reviews to find a unique place to stay in Bogotá. At The Apartment Bogotá, we think the best combination of value and convenience to experience Bogotá can be found in Chapinero Central and Chapinero Alto.

7. El Dorado – Flight Checker AndroidiPhone

Find out if you have missed your flight before you even get to the Airport. Check flight arrivals and departures with up to the minute data from the largest volume cargo airport in Latin America and the 3rd in passenger volume, El Dorado International Airport.

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