5 Must See Parks in Bogotá!

Best Parks in Bogotá -

If you are a nature lover and you are staying in Bogotá, well… You’re in the right place. Did you know Colombia is in top ten of richest natural places around the world? As you can imagine you’ll be stunned with our natural parks, even in the capital! So,if you are looking for places to visit in Bogota here you’re gonna find 5 amazing places you must see.

Botanical Garden (Jardín Botánico)

When to go: The best time to go is whenever you feel like you want to, it is not full of people like other places in Bogotá, it is always a peaceful place.

Location: Ac 63 #68-95

Botanical Garden Bogotá -

Botanical garden of Bogota created in 1995 in honor to The recognized botanical “Jose Celestino Mutis” with 19,5 hectares, is a peaceful, beautiful and huge natural park where you can enjoy of almost 12 light hours per day. This park is the biggest Colombian botanical garden as well, so if you come to Colombia it’s a must see. You don’t wanna miss it! You’ll feel stunned by its quantity of flora and fauna, the fresh environment you can breathe because of its large amount of trees and pure water.

Your eyes won’t believe so much beauty. So, if you want to have a quite day, this place is what you are looking for, you’ll find different places of the park to get some rest, to drink a coffee, to watch close the variety of fishes, ducks, peacocks, pigeons, and other animals and also to sleep on the grass if you want to. The best of all is that you’ll feel you can have a day without all that noise and pollution you always find in the cities.

Well if you are wondering: How much do I have to pay to be there? You’ll feel happy to know it’s pretty cheap. To go inside you just have to pay 2600 COP and you’ll have the opportunity to stay in the park from 7:00 am to 4:30 pm on Monday to Friday, and on Saturday, Sunday and holidays from 9:00am to 5:00 pm.

Is up to you taking the best choice and have a peaceful day around nature. You won’t regret it.

Simón Bolívar

When to go: Moreover, if you are not convinced with this arguments, you must know, many singers have given concerts on Simon Bolivar, because of its beauty and size. So, if you are lucky maybe Katy Perry, Aerosmith or Rihanna could be doing them concerts there, in that way you can buy the ticket or go to the part of the park where the concert is not taking place and just listen the music for a while, you won’t see the artist, but i bet on you, you’ll enjoy the music moment, even being a little far.

When not to go: Usually the weekends it is full of people so if you don’t like the crowds and you rather to have a quiet time don’t visit the place Saturdays or Sundays, but if you want to get infected by the joy of the families spending their time there go ahead and enjoy it.

Location: As the park is so big it’s not possible to give you a specific address but I can tell you it is located between the 53 and 63 Calles and the 68 and 60 Carreras.

Parque Simón Bolivar Bogotá -

Next to Salitre Magico you’ll see a huge natural park, full of beauty and life. You don’t even have to take care about the money, you can go inside for free. In Simon Bolivar park, which’s name has been given because of the conquer Simon Bolivar you can find a lot of grass to have a picnic, enjoy a sunny day or just having a nice conversation with someone.

Simon Bolivar has a lake and if you want to explore it, for a cheap price you can rent a small boat for some hours and do it. If you don’t like boats too much but you like ducks, you can seat anywhere and watch the ducks have fun on the water.

You may think this natural place offers you just the possibility to go to the cafeteria and stay there, park seats or just the grass. Well you’ll be surprised, in Simon Bolivar you can also find sand! It’s clean so go ahead and put your feet over it, you’ll enjoy it as you were on the beach.


Location: Carrera 24 between Calle 45 and 34

Parkway Bogotá -

Three or four blocks from National University, in the heart of the city you can find a way with some nature, theaters, bars and a helpful market, well, we’re talking about “Park way” as its name indicates is a park on the way, so you can go there, take a park seat and enjoy of a natural environment with some Capital environment as well, that’s the magic of this place. Many people have seen on parkway a nice place to stay there with friends, have some ice cream and spend time talking about whatever they want.

On Fridays you’ll see how the parkway is a busy area, because after college, school or work, this place is the favorite choice to spend time or relax, in that way you can meet some new people, maybe make some friends and why not drink some beer?. You’ll see people singing, drinking something, laughing and even climbing trees.

Go ahead, just take a look, exchange experiences and laughs with Colombian people, and let yourself explore this interesting place where nature and city are mixed.

Chico Park

When to go: You can go whenever you want, it is never full, always quiet, except when there’s an event taking place.

Location: Carrera 7 # 93-10

Parque El Chicó -

Just the entrance is almost magical as it resembles a castle from the middle age, inside it is really comfy and secure as it has private security, even tho it doesn’t have any cost to get in. It is a really nice place to do a picnic, to eat an ice cream and talk till it is night time, you can find a lot of child games and the best part is that if you feel playful enough you can use them, no one will say anything, except the kids that maybe will want to play with you.

National Park

When to go: Sundays this place is a meeting point as it’s the center of the bikeway route, a lot of people gather to do aerobics leaded by professionals on the matter, you only have to pass next to them to notice how much fun they’re having.

When not to go: in the day the park is really safe but in nights there’s not too much people around so you would have to be careful on entering too deep.

Location: Carrera 7 and Calle 35

Parque Nacional -

This one is the second most appealed parks in Bogotá, not only because hundredths of persons cross inside of it to go to their works but because of all the options it offers. In there you can find football field, skating rink, tennis courts and basketball courts (with a lot of people playing), a theater, and a nearby mountain to explore, and obviously a quiet place to take a walk or bring your partner to drink or eat something.

So take some of your free time and get to meet this and more of the beautiful places where you can discover in your own way how unique is this city.

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