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Being a resident of Cali means that I never stay in hotels here. That being said, I still receive visitors, friends and family, from all over the world, most of whom I arrange accommodation for. Here’s what I consider to be the three best hotels in Cali, taking most budgets into consideration.

AqcuaSanta Lofts Hotel

Is without a doubt the most luxurious hotel in Cali, and probably among the best hotels in the entire country. It’s a tiny hotel in the sense that it only has 6 rooms, or lofts, as they call them. The lofts are far from tiny though. Each unit has between 150-200m2 area of private space and are sublimely decorated. All units are duplexes with the living area on the first floor and sleeping quarters on the second. Extending the living room is an amazing private terrace with a green little garden that includes an outdoors jacuzzi and two sun beds. A perfect place to wind down with a cold beer or glass of wine after a long day. The living room is contains a VERY comfy couch, massive flatscreen TV and a kitchen with the best equipped minibar in Colombia. The bed is huge and the master bathroom includes a steam bath.

The common area has a gym and a long narrow, outdoors swimming pool for doing laps. Breakfast gets served in Karen’s Pizza, located on the bottom floor of the same building. You might be thinking “hey, a five star experience shouldn’t include junk for breakfast!”. Nothing could be further from the truth. Karen’s Pizza, despite the name, serves up some of the best breakfast available in the entire city.

Ciudad Jardin, where the hotel is located, is southern Cali and one of the most exclusive sectors of the city. Although a bit far away from the city centre, it’s close to Pance and the neighborhood itself is full of restaurants, bars and good shopping opportunities.

Paying almost $200 dollars per night for a “room” is by no means cheap in Colombia. That being said, I think you’d be hard pressed to find the same kind of luxury anywhere else in the world for less than 5 times this price.

Hotel Boutique San Antonio

Is another small hotel with only 10 rooms. Smaller hotels usually mean better, more personalized service, and you can be sure to get both here. The colonial style rooms are very comfortable. The common area looks like an indoors garden, decorated with beautiful paintings from local artists. On the roof, tables and sun beds are available and make a nice spot to watch the early Colombian sunset. A little bar will keep you hydrated and a solid wifi connection will keep you wired even while on vacation.

Located in the historic district of San Antonio, this hotel is a great option for those preferring to be close to most of the action. With walking distance to the gastronomic district of El Peñon, Centenario, Granada, Cali’s river and the city centre, this is an ideal location for those interested in exploring the city.

Breakfast is included and as an added benefit they offer late checkout for free.

At $76 dollars per night this hotel is very fairly priced and I’d recommend it for both younger and older couples.

Casa Miraflores

More hostel than hotel, Casa Miraflores separates itself from the others in both vision, atmosphere and price. The atmosphere is relaxed and the guests are mostly young people. Besides being a place to sleep, Casa Miraflores is also co-working space. Solopreneurs and digital nomads from all over the world come to work from the hotel, brainstorm and share ideas with like-minded people, while at the same type enjoying the climate, the nightlife and the very affordable lifestyle that Cali has to offer.

American owner, Nate, has a great eye for decorating and the place oozes ‘zen’, ‘feel good’ and ‘feng shui’ vibes. A big breakfast is included and a self-service fridge assures that you’ll never run out of cold beers.

Located in barrio Miraflores, between San Antonio and Parque del Perro in San Fernando, this hostel offers the tranquility of a residential neighborhood, while at the same time being only a few blocks away from all the fun.

The staff can help you arrange for private salsa or Spanish classes. They can also help you book kite surfing lessons in Lago Calima and a ton of other stuff. Fast internet is included.

At $30 dollars per night for a double room, this place is a bargain by any metric. Weekly prices for a double room run $215 dollars and the monthly rate is $550 dollars. If you’re looking to splurge, the house has an amazing rooftop apartment with a jacuzzi and a bathroom open to the starlit sky.

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