11 Great Places to Go on a Date in Medellin


Look like an insider and impress like a local…

Looking for a great date spot in Medellin? Well here’s 11 of them…
(That Are Impressive, Won’t Make You Look Like a Bore, and Won’t Break the Bank)

But first of all, congratulations are in order.

You’ve got a date, or at least, you know who you’d like to take out for a night of fun… or a day of adventure. One thing’s for sure: the “game” here in Colombia takes a little heat, for being what some might call old fashioned.

But you were undaunted, and have chosen to play… therefore it’s our mission to reward you with a fantastic list of some of the best places to take a date in Medellin.

Rest assured, we’ve done all the research, and spent time and money getting you the best!

Now, keep in mind:

Some might argue the places on this list are also great for single people, or those just looking for fun things to do, here in Medellin. (Not that it’s difficult to find lots of excitement here!)

You would be correct—this is a multi-purpose list, but we’re hoping you’ll bring a romantic element to the following list and strike out on a “love-based mission!” What’s more, these aren’t the typical “romance” avenues. We’re hoping you’re the type who sees past dinner and a movie.

(Those ARE fine, but eventually you’ll have to do some talking, and these “off-the-beaten” path ideas are just the thing for you to use for encouraging real, stimulating interaction with your peeps.)

Now remember, the most memorable dates might come from a weird combination of two or three things from this list. Be creative! Have fun, and bring some wine. So here’s to you, and the romance that follows!

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Medellin LIfestyle Chef Burger Food Truck in Ciudad Del Rio
[Image Sourced: http://pulsoslp.com.mx/]


Yup. We’re gonna set the standard and lead off with some ODD-ness… by inviting you to sample the food trucks of Ciudad del Rio! (Parque Lineal Ciudad del Río)

So this is a great spot to find a wide variety of terrific foods, from Philly cheese steak to Venezuelan arepas, burgers, choripan and much much more.

There’s a festive atmosphere, everyone and everything is laid back and it’s a low key way to interact and enjoy one another’s company. Weekends are best, though you can get filled up any night of the week.

Medellin LIfestyle Great Date Spots Casa Museo Otra Parta Envigado
[Image Sourced: https://c2.staticflickr.com]


What better way to impress a date than to take him or her to a classy museum? Casa Museo Otra Parte (Carrera 43A #27A Sur-11, Envigado) has a cafe which opens for business at 3pm last time we checked, and you can roll in to use the open-air seating with garden any time.

Another classy move? Staying in a classy apartment. Check out these mouth-watering places.

This “museum, cafe and library in one” is also a very popular site as the sun goes down, so if you can, grab a table early. There will be drinks and lots of merry-making, if you stick around for after-dark festivities.

Medellin Lifestyle Great Date Spots Ciudad Del Rio
[Image Sourced: cyclechicbogota.blogspot.com]


Speaking of museums, there’s an excellent place just a few blocks behind the modern art museum: it’s the Parque Lineal Ciudad del Rio (Calle 19, Ciudad del Río).

Bring a date and a blanket to sit on, or even a picnic lunch to a great place where you can enjoy life in the sun all day. It’s priced right, at free. (Of course there’s a small fee if you go into the modern art museum.)

You can go there after you do some “highbrow” museum wandering, or skip that stress altogether and head straight for this very chill spot. One word of warning: Don’t tell anyone but this is actually just a long strip of grass.

Of course, since nobody knows that, you’ll discover it’s a terrific place to have a picnic, hang out, meet new people, get a tan, do some people-watching or juggling avocados. Bring some wine and check out the scene—guaranteed to get more than your money’s worth when you spend an entertaining afternoon right here.

Medellin Lifestyle Great Date Spots Guatape
[Image Sourced: www.youtube.com]


When a close friend told me to get to Guatape for the colorful little “pueblo de zócalos” I wasn’t sure. Then I found out they could be visited in a day—as it’s less than two hours from Medellín—I discovered a fantastic day trip excursion you could enjoy outside the city.

People from all over come here to just wander the streets admiring the characteristic wainscots that give Guatapé its charm and to visit La Piedra for the incredible view of the reservoir.

On top of having a million fantastic photo opportunities, there are many other activities you’re sure to enjoy, given enough time. Water sports and riding bicycles or hiking to some picturesque waterfalls come to mind.

Medellin Lifestyle Great Date Spots El Acontista
[Image Sourced: www.elacontista.com]


Maybe live jazz is your thing? It’s definitely a very cool thing to do with a date, in fact, El Acontista (Calle 53 #43-81, El Centro) is something you should carve out the time for, while you’re here, date or not.

Every Monday, you’ll be pleased to know, you can slide in for some terrific live jazz. I haven’t actually had food here yet, but I can vouch for the appetizing smells that come from the joint.

In fact, now that I think of it, most people seem to be eating there. Try the pizza or a desert–I saw an Oreo cheesecake during my last visit that looked pretty intense.

There’s a small cover, I think it’s about 10,000 pesos but well worth the ear candy, we think.


If you’re keen to explore the sights beyond the borders of Medellin, why not head Southwest, to Jardin?

We’ve found some amazing romantic scene, but it doesn’t get much better than being on horseback while heading to a waterfall scene straight off “the world’s best postcard shots.”

Get on out here by traveling about three hours, and enjoy the splendid nature that’s designed for lovers.


Ok so we’ve not been loving on museums in this post. Well, that’s about to change, right now. If you’re keen on having an educational experience while on a date, consider Parque Explora (Carrera 53 #52, Zona Norte). This is looking a little like San Francisco’s Exploratorium.

It’s located in an unmissable red building right by the Universidad Metro Station–so it’s easy to get to–and is absolutely guaranteed to thrill you, for a few hours.

One cool quirk is when you hit this place you’re given great chances to read bi-lingual signs, which enabled us to brush up on some Spanish. More than that, you’ll see an aquarium, a vivarium, a dinosaur exhibit, exhibition hall for kids… and a cafe and restaurant!

The price to get in (at publishing time) was about 22,000 pesos, so plan accordingly.

In the next part we are going to name a couple restaurants you might like. The last item on this list is something that should already be on your “Life Bucket List,” and if it’s not… get on it! We can’t think of a better way than this to sweep her off her feet!

First those restaurants…


Sushi House (Calle 35 #80A-09, Laureles) Who doesn’t like three rolls for the price of two? We’ll start there, which means you need to arrive on a Wednesday, the only day they do that.

If you’re feeling frisky (and who isn’t!), you could even try your hand at making your own sushi. We challenge you to try this with a date… and Sushi House is just the place! Who knew? You can learn to make Japanese food… in Colombia!

Medellin Lifestyle Great Date Spots Delaire Sky Lounge
[Image Sourced: http://www.delaire.co/]


Delaire Sky Lounge (7th Floor, Centro Comercial Rio Sur, Poblado) Yup. We’re talking Poblado, that high-class area for lots of foreigners. Sure, a few meals inside this foreigner zone will do you some good. Being seen here is definitely one of them.

If you’re ready for some righteous food in a jazzy spot, get out here and enjoy the view, while dining on well, good anything! One added benefit is this place isn’t far from some of the other night spots you’re sure to want to try. Delayer, Kukaramakara, to name but a few…

Keep in mind, this place ain’t on the cheap end of entertainment options. Plan accordingly, and you’ll have a great time.


Brie Bon (Carrera 35 #7-118, Poblado) If you take a date here for brunch, it might mean you’re already hitting a home run. This classy little French spot delivers mean cuisine that’s set in a very pretty area near Parque Lleras. Enjoy the sights with champagne, then venture further.

And we’ve come to #11… Which is sure to sweep her off her feet!

Medellin Lifestyle Great Date Spots San Felix Paragliding
[Image Sourced: http://static.panoramio.com/]


Are you ready for some heart-pounding adrenaline rush-dating experiences? We thought so.. here’s the plan. You’re going to head for San Felix (North of Medellín) for some paragliding!

If you and your date are looking for some spectacular adventures, paragliding simply can’t be beaten.

Just take the bus to San Felix from the Terminal del Norte, it’s about a 45-minute ride. After you get there—or even before—you can call Dragonfly Paragliding (300 333 0800). Watch the weather, pick a great day and JUMP!

Does this stuff sound like fun? Believe me when I say, “you ain’t seen nothing yet.” Medellin, Colombia is a virtual paradise on earth. There’s so much to do and see, yet it’s affordable and comfortable all at the same time.

To place yourself right in the action close to all these great date spots head on over here to see some of the most beautiful apartments available for rent during your visit.

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